Harana is a way of courting a woman through serenading her. For a young man in colonial Philippines, it was certainly advantageous to possess musical abilities as it was often useful in courting a Filipina woman. Before, for women’s hearts to be won, tradition must be followed so harana was a common thing to do back in the day. This was often seen as a romantic gesture because the man is publicly displaying his devotion to his beloved. Though when the person you serenade is not that really intrested in you it may embarass you and break your heart so it’s pretty risky to harana someone who you only have a crush on, better to do it on someone you’re a relationship with.

When you would do a harana you should prepare your instruments and song/s and practice them. The suitor would usually gather a few friends to help him out. It’s best if you would do it in the evening due to the daytime tropical weather and it would have a more romantic atmosphere.

Nowadays harana is a not so popular way of courting a woman a man likes, though people from the rural areas still do it. The Philippines was also influenced by countries like America, Spain, Etc.  of other ways to court women. The rise of technology and social media also caused the tradition to be almost non existent, though that doesn’t mean harana is non-romantic anymore, it’s just not so popular.


Pictures: www.newirishart.com





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